AboutDutchess Pulmonary Associates

We help to treat a variety of lung diseases so our patients can recover, breathe easily and return to a healthy lifestyle. We can help patients get out from under the shadow of a pulmonary condition. While some conditions may require management and long-term treatment, other conditions will only need short-term treatment.

We have the tools and expertise to provide specialized pulmonary care to our patients. Instead of merely relieving symptoms, we will find the source of the issue and recommend treatment. We can also help patients learn what lifestyle factors can cause their symptoms to get worse. The first step is to call and schedule an appointment.


Dr. Jalaj

Dr. Jalaj is triple Board Certified. He is DIPLOMATE of American Board of Internal Medicine. He is Diplomate of American Board of Pulmonary Medicine. He is Diplomate of American Board of Sleep Medicine. He has served on many medical committees including Chief of Pulmonary division in a local hospital. He currently serves on Quality Review Committee. He has served as President of HVAPI( Hudson Valley Association of Physician of India). He is a current president of DCMS( Dutchess County Medical Society). He has been providing medical care to residents of Hudson Valley since 1990 and hope to continue for many more years.